Yuri’s Day & Night

By April 11, 2016No Comments

A reminder to our group that Tuesday 12 April is the annual Yuri’s night celebration. This is a chance to celebrate all things space by remembering the flight of the first human in space, Yuri Gagarin. There are assorted events in our region. Gainesvilles had an event with telescopes on Saturday. Of course, Florida has several events. If you don’t mind the three-hour drive, Huntsville, Alabama, has a children’s day party with activities and at night a costume party with laser lights and craft beer. Geek out, ya’all! Additionally, there is a cool limited-edition patch this year available for order only until Saturday 30 April 2016. Even if you can’t attend an event, remember to pause tomorrow to give thanks that we live in the space age. And please be good to any rocket scientists you might know.