Support Your Neighbor Section

By January 29, 2017No Comments

Last Monday, two AIAA Atlanta section members attended a speaker luncheon hosted by the Greater Huntsville AIAA Section. The speaker was Scott “Shuttleman” Phillips, author of Remove Before Flight. Mr. Phillips was on the engineering team responsible for the external shuttle tanks. He was a member of the program team through all 135 shuttle missions. Mr. Phillips is also a skilled wood worker who has created hundreds of space shuttle models from exotic woods. Many of these models have been signed by astronauts.

Huntsville lunchIf you are an AIAA member, don’t forget that there are sections throughout the country. Your neighbor section might have a program that interests you. If you travel, you may have an opportunity to hear a speaker in a different part of the country. Every section has its own specialty. The Huntsville section has hosted or participated in other interesting events, including a STEM outreach and game night, Yuri’s night gathering, and a pumpkin flinging contest (for accuracy, not distance).

(Photograph left to right: Huntsville vice-chairman Naveen Vetcha, Huntsville chairman Brandon Stiltner, Atlanta program chair Bob Greene, Atlanta member Jolie Elder.)