Greene, Taylor, Epps, Hutchins

The speakers for our March dinner meeting were Pat Epps of Epps Aviation and his colleague in adventure, Atlanta architect Richard Taylor. In their slide presentation, the two recalled their decade-long quest to recover a Lockheed P-38 Lightning from the Greenland ice sheet. ‟Glacier Girl” was one aircraft in a cache of two B-17s and six P-38s that made an emergency landing in 1942 en route to Britain. Their story spanned multiple expeditions first to find the aircraft — buried in about 250 feet of snow and ice — and then to recover one airplane by melting it out of the ice. This involved a lot of equipment, include specialized drills for making holes and caves in the ice. They ended their talk by reminding us that there are still seven airplanes left to recover! (Photo, left to right: Bob Greene, Richard Taylor, Pat Epps, Ed Hutchins)