Dream Big for Engineers Week 2017, 19–25 February

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Every project, great or small, starts with a dream. A dream to create and build. Engineers engage their creativity and technical know-how to transform dreams into reality. They are dreamers across the professional spectrum from transportation, to agriculture, to medicine and beyond. This year DiscoverE and AIAA encourage you to dream and to Dream Big!
Check out the rich resources available to you to host events in your area at and please share your plans to participate through social media with the hashtags: #AIAA and #EWeek2017!.


Do you have a brilliant dream event or project idea relating the engineering profession to Life that will engage the over 700 Members associated with the Atlanta Section AND catch the attention of millions of non-Members in the Atlanta Metro area during EWeek? Contact Aaron Harcrow to present your idea & let’s see if we can nurture a dream into an enduring reality!!