Start Planning Now

By August 22, 2016No Comments

There will be a total solar eclipse next year on Monday afternoon, 21 August 2017. I know that is a year out, but start planning now.

NASA, of course, has information here. You may not like everything funded by your tax dollars, but if you are an aerospace fan, hopefully you like NASA and appreciate the public data.

There is another website here that is also promoting the eclipse and providing information about where to view it.

For us Atlantans, we may want to take a short road trip north to South Carolina, Tennessee, or Kentucky. Look at the maps and see if you have any friends who conveniently live in the path of totality. In Georgia, Helen, McCaysville, Blairsville, Toccoa, and Tallulah Falls are all in the path, as is Franklin, North Carolina. Oddly enough, that first rest area on I-85 at the GA-SC border is in the path of totality. Even closer is the northbound rest area at mile marker 17. If you are willing to drive up to Exit 27 and turn around, you are even closer to the path of longest totality if you park at the southbound rest area at mile marker 24. Pack a lunch.

If you can’t travel that day, hope for fine weather as we should have a partial eclipse here in Atlanta.