UAV test bed for Commuter Craft Innovator™.


Our speaker for October was Commuter Craft designer Richard Hogan. Mr. Hogan presented a delightful talk about his kit-built aircraft. The average time to build a home built aircraft is seven years. Mr. Hogan’s goal with Commuter Craft is to make that “build my own aircraft” dream possible in a few months. Customers visit the Commuter Craft facility in Cartersville, Georgia and assemble their air frame in about three weeks. The wings fold in on top of themselves, making it possible to transport the aircraft by flatbed on the highway. The airplane is also small enough to fit in a typical garage. Customers can take theirair frame home and continue installation of engine and instruments, or have Commuter Craft help with the finishing. Commuter Craft also makes sure new owners have flight time, so they are proficient with their new airplane. Designing his own aircraft has been Mr. Hogan’s dream for most of his lifetime. It was inspiring to hear how he realized that dream by starting his own aircraft company in “retirement.” As a bonus, Mr. Hogan brought the UAV test bed model to our meeting. Sweet!


AIAA-Atlanta member-at-large Alan Varagona presents a plaque to Commuter Craft designer and founder Richard Hogan.