Our February dinner meeting started out as our January dinner meeting. Mother Nature had other ideas. Flying is a weather-dependent activity and so is driving.

Bob Greene and Dan Kuehme


Fortunately, Dan Kuehme of Area-I was able to shift his plans to our February meeting. Area-I is a growing firm in Kennesaw that is working on unmanned aerial vehicles and related systems. Dan shared his infectious enthusiasm. Area-I has built much of their own software and testing hardware. They can build and fly scale models to provide real-world data at affordable prices. These techniques can be used to test dangerous loss-of-control situations without risking a multi-million-dollar vehicle and its crew. Area-I designed and built ALTIUS tube-launched expendable unmanned vehicles, which are being used by our armed forces to hunt bad guys. The air vehicle collapses to fit in a tube about 5 or 6 inches across, is shot out of the tube at high speed, unfolds, recovers flight stability, and then performs its mission. From Dan’s presentation, you can see that Area-I is a nimble company where engineers get to both design and build. And, Dan mentioned more than once that they are hiring.

You can see Area-I in action by visiting their website here and by watching them on YouTube here and here and then falling down the YouTube rabbit hole.