Is AIAA Atlanta worthy of your attention?

-> Does AIAA Atlanta arrange charismatic speakers delivering informative and inspirational presentations on critical topics in the aerospace industry?

  -> At an AIAA Atlanta event, do you catch up with former colleagues and make new acquaintances sometimes with the potential for new business opportunities or collaboration?

  -> Do you learn something not found in aerospace journals and periodicals?

  -> Do you notice that some student Members have challenging class projects with which your experience may provide some best practices guidance?

  -> Do you feel that you would gain more benefits from AIAA Atlanta if you increased your participation?

If you answered ”Yes” to any of these questions, then boy howdy, do I have an opportunity for YOU!! It used to be that altruism, i.e., good for your soul, good for your company, good for the community, good for AIAA, was enough encouragement to attract volunteers for AIAA Atlanta to thrive and prosper. You current Council still believes that. But, the council has undertaken a very ambitious strategy to expand the outreach of AIAA through the following exciting events and needs more Members to be involved to ensure great success.

The events are:

  1. April 16, 2019, BBQ Night At The Museum, Field games, new member recruitment, STEM display, at the Aviation Wing of the Marietta History Museum. See details in another section of the website.
  2. May 11, 2019, booth/tent at the annual Calhoun, GA Airport “Wings & Wheels” Aircraft & Auto Show, hourly raffle drawing for seat on airplane/helicopter flight, STEM display, info about AIAA, careers in aerospace, list of companies in Georgia that hire aerospace engineers & technicians, etc.
  3. May 3, 2019,Georgia STEM Day Sponsored by Technology Association of Georgia (TAG)

AIAA Atlanta plans sponsorship/participation in several STEM events with Engineering For Kids of Metro Atlanta, John Olds, CEO SpaceWorks, send out teams of two SpaceWorks / GenOrbit staff members or AIAA Atlanta Section members to each school that morning to discuss aerospace. My expectation is that we’d get maybe 10- 14 volunteers, so 5 – 7 schools total. Coordinated with Maureen Myrie, Engineering For Kids of Metro Atlanta.

So, to supplement altruism, AIAA Atlanta offers the following incentives:

  1. For every AIAA Atlanta event for which you volunteer, you will receive a free meal at that or a later event.
  2. AIAA Atlanta Volunteer(s) of The Year Award; photo op for publication in Aerospace America, plaque, gift card and the grateful admiration and appreciation from your AIAA Atlanta colleagues.
  3. Self-satisfaction of a job well done that has positive benefits for someone in your sphere of influence.

If any of this moves you to participate more in the success of AIAA Atlanta, then please contact me at and I’ll fill you in on the details of how you can start helping today.

Thanks and