We are pleased to announce the new Section Council for the 2017-2018 year. Thank you to all who participated in the voting.

The Council for this section term will consist of:

Chairman: Bob Greene, AIAA Senior Member, Aeronaut Corporation
Vice-Chairman: Laura Forczyk, AIAA Member, Georgia Space Alliance
Secretary: Neil Sutherland, AIAA Senior Member, Delta Air Lines
Treasurer: Neil Hall, AIAA Associate Fellow, Lockheed Martin

Council At-Large

(2017-2019 Term):
Alan Varagona, AIAA Senior Member, Systems Engineering
Matthew Salter, AIAA Member, Recent Kennesaw State AE Graduate

(2016-2018 Term)
Amy Hudnall, AIAA Member, Georgia Center of Innovation for Aerospace

(2017-2018 Appointed Term)
Vacated, Council Appointment Pending

Of special note, although some write-ins were received for George P. Burdell, they were not enough to win a seat on the council and he indicated his unavailability to serve this year. Maybe next year.