2016 Dinner Speakers

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AIAA Atlanta Membership:

Although we are working on enhancements to our website, I do not wish to delay any further the communication of some of the events that we have slated for this year. Please see what we have planned thus far, and be looking for separate emails with registration and other details shortly.

September  27

Speaker:  David Alvord, Research Engineer in the Aerospace, Transportation and Advanced Systems Laboratory (ATAS) section of the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI)

Robotics and Autonomous Systems & Aerospace and Acoustics Technologies

October  18

Speaker: Richard Hallion, AIAA Distinguished Lecturer

The High-Speed Revolution: How Aviation Progressed From the Subsonic to the

Hypersonic Era  & China’s Rise as an Aerospace Nation

November  15

Speaker:  Ron Alexander,  President,  Atlanta Aerospace  specializes in aircraft repair including

composite aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and titanium components .

Ron flew Canberra aircraft in Vietnam, is involved with the Candler airfield & museum, and flew his biplane in the new “Sully” movie.